17. September

Frankfurt, Germany


Jazz & The City

19.-21. October

Salzburg, Austria

Night of Music

17. & 18. December

Wiesbaden, Germany

Wiesbaden Night of Music 2015

At the 11th and 12th of December Wiesbaden, the capital city of Hesse, was the place to be for lovers of music. For the fourth time the agency Palast Promotion arranged a musical spectacle that gathered a number of great musicians from various genres at the honorable Kurhaus in Wiesbaden.

Yvonne had the privilege to be part of these concerts and spiced up the shows with a portion of African singing and dancing, backed by a complete classical orchestra and a choir.

Both days the theatre with a capacity of 1200 was nearly sold out and the local media couldn't hold back their excitement about both concerts.

Photos: Biggi Trost

Salzburg Jazz Festival

At 23rd October Yvonne Mwale gave a concert as part of Jazz & The City, the Jazz Festival in the Austrian city Salzburg. Jazz lovers from arround the world meet here to watch dozens of selected artists performing Jazz and related styles in 7 different venues all over the Salzburg city center.

For Yvonne who perfomed in Austria with her trio it was a great experience to travel to Austria to introduce her music to more music lovers. The support of the local audience and media was great. Even the Austrian national TV station ORF reported about her concert.

Concert Review: Headlining the Weltnacht Festival in Bielefeld

When Yvonne arrived with her band at the 22n edition of Weltnacht-Festival she found herself not only on stage but also on the cover page of the program booklet as well as on the posters that where hanged all over Bielefeld to announce this great festival.

For the band is was a great joy to perform at the Weltnacht Festival. Not only was the teatre completely sold. The group also got a warm welcome by the festival director and was very well taken care off.

After the festival the local newspapere "Der Bielefelder" had to write about Yvonne's performance: "One of the highlights of the Weltnacht Festival was no doubt the Afrian Night at the theatre with Yvonne Mwale, the cover girl of the program booklet." Thank you!

  • “Yvonne Mwale stammt aus Sambia, lebt in Frankfurt und bringt mit Ninkale – Let Me Be ein (stimm-)starkes Album heraus. Blues, Jazz, Soul und eine würzige Prise Afrika mischt die Mittzwanzigerin zu einer süffigen, ungemein frisch klingenden Mischung, die nicht zuletzt dank ihrer prägnanten, charaktervollen Stimme ganz schnell in ihren Bann zieht”
    — Jazzthetik Juli/August 2015
  • “Yvonne Mwale is another very strong, driven women. ... She’s pulled herself together, she has loads to say and she is saying it in a way she wants to say it!”
    — BBC World, The Weekend Strand
  • 'Ninkale – Let Me Be'“ ist ein Album mit 14 Tracks, die alle samt großartig sind. Yvonne Mwales Leichtigkeit klettert aus den Boxen und springt einem ins Gesicht. Als Nebenwirkungen sind lediglich ein breites Grinsen und tiefe Entspannung zu verzeichnen. Was will man mehr!"
    – Fishbookletters
  • “Auf ihrem neuen Album „Nikale“ zaubert Yvonne Mwale, die inzwischen in Deutschland lebt, mit Musikern aus Sambia, Tansania und Deutschland ein Kunstwerk aus Soul, traditionellen Sounds und Reggae.”
    — musikWelt, Bayern 2
  • “Die Afrikanerin Yvonne Mwale musizierte ein faszinierendes Programm der Weltmusik mit Elementen aus, Jazz, Blues und ethnisch basierter Musik auf professionellem Niveau. Die Intensität war enorm.”
    — Gießener Anzeiger, Gießen


Yvonne Mwale

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